Chicago Magazine

Focusing on a lightweight modular grid, we streamlined ten years worth of Chicago Magazine content and made it flexible for various reading platforms.

Chicago Mag website redesign launch article
Chicago Mag launch article

I was in charge of creating HTML and CSS templates to implement in the magazine’s content management system.

Chicago Mag mobile views
Mobile views
Chicago Mag menu focus animation
Typically when you move your mouse away from a button even the slightest bit, its drop-down menu disappears, which is a pain in the butt.

I fixed this by adding an invisible space around the drop down. Luke Seemann, Chicago Magazine’s Managing Editor of Digital, said a few kind words about it in a Society for News Design interview, which you can find here.

Chicago Mag 25 Best Pizzas in Chicago article

The site now reads fantastically, and Luke has done an excellent job pushing our base forward. I’m always excited to see the site when I click on a social media link.

My Role

Design and Development


Alison Yard-Medland, Chicago Mag Team, Derek Moore, Jon Shaft, Kyle Fletcher, Nick Disabato

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