Mae Ryan

I was thrilled when Mae asked me to create her new logo and website. It’d had been quite a few years since Mae, and I had a chance to work on a project together.

Logo Design

We started by traversing an optically inspired path to create the logo. Then added motion and color to highlight the movement of the static shapes.

Mae Ryan Logo sketches
Logo sketches
Mae Ryan refined logos
Refined logo shapes
Mae Ryan logo process color and pattern exploration
Color and pattern exploration
Mae Ryan logo final
The final logo

Web Design

Everything we learned from the logo exploration regarding movement, color play, and form collection directed the site creation and the final product is an unyielding collection of expression both in the design and depth of Mae’s work.

Mae Ryan home page wireframe
Home Wireframe
Mae Ryan project page wireframe
Project Wireframe
Mae Ryan the first home page concept
The first home page concept
Mae Ryan the first project page concept
The first project page concept
The final concept

My Role

Logo Design, Web Design, and Development


Mae Ryan

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