Creepy Coffee

That much coffee can do wacky things to a person. It can make them feel really motivated at certain points, and the lack of it can develop a disturbing feeling in the pit of your stomach. It doesn’t feel good. Sip by sip. I continue to consume. Then one day, someone walked in.

Immediately, I grabbed my mug and held it until my knuckles turned white. I haven’t talked to anyone in a really long time. This town has been desolate for five, maybe ten years. It’s a mystery to me why someone would just pop in all of a sudden. I’m not entirely even sure that the power company knows they’re providing power to us. To tell you the truth I haven’t seen any other people in town recently. I’m pretty sure that I’m one of five or so still here. Luckily, I live such an isolated life that it’s never bothered me.

The dull sound of rubber souls hit the ground slowly. One after another. I loosen the grip of my mug, slowly turn to my left and see a tall figure. I couldn’t tell if it was human, something from outer space or some sort of robot. I had no fucking clue. Maybe I’ve been reading too much science fiction lately. Needless to say, I just saw boots. Everything above the boots was a blur. As much as I tried to focus my eyes, my vision was always blurred, except for those damn boots, untied with the tongues flopped out in a sloppy manner. How could something that could be articulately chaotic enough to distract me and have such sloppy boots!?!

“Tie your boots!” I thought. Whatever.

I didn’t hear anything, but somehow this creature was talking to me. It said, “Go outside.” Before I had time to even process what was said, I blinked and then the creature was gone. At that moment, I realized I was bleeding from a cut in my stomach.

“What the hell?”


It was just me and this creature, and I didn’t feel anything. The cut became larger and larger and more blood came out of my body. More and more, pouring onto the counter, into my mug of coffee. The cut became so large that all of my skin came off and peeled away. I was muscle; muscle slowly dissipating and being pulled out. The wind blew around the shop. The shutters and the windows flapped hard like a mighty gust to the sails of a ship on the open sea. I was no longer in me. My body had disappeared and only my energy remained. The door blew open and what I thought to be me left the coffee shop. I went straight up over the town. Nothing was there. Nothing that I remember existing was there. How long had it been since I’d been outside? How long had it been since I’d been anywhere other than that damn coffee shop? But now, I have no need for coffee. So what do I do?

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