ZAUM is a storytelling company based at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn. Over a period of a few months, I explored Russian constructivist art to produce the identity for ZAUM. Inspired by the warm tones and sharp shapes I created a graphic palette.





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Shape Exploration 1 of 3

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Shape Exploration 2 of 3

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Shape Exploration 3 of 3

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Shape Exploration 3 of 3

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Logo Design

Combining all of the colors, shape explorations and type selection I landed on both a strong and clean logotype. When merged with the shapes and colors it comes alive without unhinging itself.

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Logotype 1 of 3

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Logotype 2 of 3

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Logotype 3 of 3

Web Design

The website applies a lively random-loading gif featuring small clips from many of the productions Zaum has worked on. Check out the full project to experience the fullest effects.

ZAUM website animations

The website

My Role

Logo Design, Web Design, and Development


Grant Slater

Made with dust and ❤ in Austin, TX.

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