Heyo, I’m Derek,
I help make digital dreams come true.

I have over 16 years of experience designing and developing interactive solutions that are fun and effective.

I help dreamers big and small.

If you’re looking for a designer and developer with a wide range of skills, let’s talk.

What I can offer...

Discovery & Strategy

I help you understand the problem and create potential solutions. We’ll have a handful of conversations, including a workshop, to plan the project. The outcome sets up a nice communication flow and aids in creating a foolproof project plan.

Web Design

I create enjoyable, interactive experiences that connect with customers and propel business goals. I design wireframes, websites, and graphics to support them using paper-and-pen, Figma, Affinity Designer, Webflow, and a handful of Adobe CC tools.

Web Development

I build solutions based on thoughtful plans and designs. The final step towards bringing projects into the wild. I use HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Webflow, Kirby CMS, and Shopify to create the living-breathing-browser-ready product.

Featured Work

Past Clients.

Dream Clients.