Derek S. Moore is a designer, developer, and goofball located in Austin, TX.


I have eaten 2,100 slices of pizza and watched over 3,000 hours of cartoons in my lifetime. And I’m just getting started. Click the big blue smiley to view my work. Thanks for stopping by!

A fitness experience.

Flex it

Web design and development.

A slice of passion.

Take a Bite

Web design and development.

Some finance friends.

Cash in

Web design and development.

A digital meow.


Illustration, web design, and development.

A talented filmmaker.

Take a Gander

Logo design, web design, and development.

A musical butt.


Web design, development, and illustration.

An archive thingy.

Title Role Year
Khan Academy Annual Report 2019 Development 2020
Nike UNITE Development 2019
Backerkit Development 2019
This is for Cats Design, Development, Illustration 2018
Alto Development 2018
ZINC Design, Development 2018
ZAUM Design, Development, Illustration, Logo 2018
Keep Home Development 2017
Mae Ryan Design, Development, Logo 2016
Montessorium Development 2016
Frances Whitehead Development 2014
Every Voice Development 2014
"Bank" Style Guide Development 2014
Chicago Magazine Design, Development 2013
Personal Capital Design, Development 2012
Market Value Development 2012
Pizza Parteee Development, Pizza 2012
CSS Pizza Design, Development 2012
CHIWTHR Design, Development 2011
Chicago Tech Academy Development 2012
Oya Salon Design, Development 2013
Audio Vision Design, Development 2013
Jeffrey Forsythe Design, Development 2013
Personal Capital: 401k Design, Development 2012 Development 2009
Seasonal Food Guide Design, Development 2009
Pop 'stache Design, Development 2009
CATA Development 2007