About Derek S. Moore

photo of derek s. moore
Photo by Esmé Wright

Midwest-bred, my mother told me I had trouble going to bed since I was a child. In my later years, I used that to my advantage and started teaching myself how to code by deconstructing some of my favorite websites and pouring over the few books available. It’s been a wild ride, but 15 years later I’m still clacking away on a keyboard. My work has brought me all over the country and in many different industries tuned with a focus on the invisible details that make a good project great.


Skills, Frameworks, Tools

  • Front-End Development, Web Design, UX Design, Logo Design
  • Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Kirby CMS, Jekyll
  • Bootstrap, Bourbon, Gulp, Compass
  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP
  • Creative Cloud, Sketch, Webflow

Past Clients