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After a few months of jamming, I’m finally releasing the newest version of The Studio of Derek S. Moore. I spent time focusing on lots of little details, better establishing my shop, starting up a blog, and preparing for new things to come. Let’s dig into some of the details.

Design and Inspiration

The new design was inspired by a collection of different sources, most of them cinema. I was drawn to the moody and gritty films from the 70s and 80s. The list is long, but here is a small sampling:

Along with film, I wanted to incorporate the simplicity of modern tech—sleek, minimal, and optimized for information consumption. A shoutout to Inter for its depth and ease of readability. I’m sure the brand will continue to grow, but I’m really stoked about where everything landed.

Functionality and Content

A handful of iterations back, dereksmoore.com had a really nice scroll flow. Scrolling up and down the pages was pleasant, akin to dragging your hand through water. Since that release, I’ve been eager to return to that experience, and I believe this build does that! I’m encouraged by the current state and looking forward to building on it.

The updated site includes a new blog; you’re probably reading this here now… Anywho, I’ve carved out a nice calendar of content with some neato articles in the upcoming months. Here are a few titles of articles I’ve penciled in:

  • 🍑 Behind the Cheeks: All about bongo butt
  • ❤️ 🖥️ A few of my favorite apps (Desktop Edition)
  • ❤️ 📱 A few of my favorite apps (Mobile Edition)
  • 🌀 Destination-less: the art of wandering

This update also touts a more robust and permanent store. I’ve loaded it up with a handful of stickers, shirts, and hats, more of those and other products are on the way in upcoming months.

Thanks for reading, and happy surfing!

🌊 🌎 🏄‍♂️

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Available in early May